Ink and toner cartridges are among those things that are the most damaging to the environment when people throw them away directly. And since destroying the environment is something one does not want to do, it is always suggested to reuse, donate or recycle the toner cartridges instead of throwing them away. Here are some ways which you can use to dispose of the toner cartridges if you are carrying any. 

Ways to Dispose Of Toner Cartridges 

  1. Cash In There are organizations that purchase back your used hp toner cartridges in Australia especially if you have a lot of them which is why it is recommended to sell your printer cartridges rather than just throwing them away. Even though cash in is an option, there may be a certain minimum requirement to quality and avail this facility. So start gathering your used cartridges in containers till you have enough to get some cash against them. 
  2. Send them back to the Manufacturer Most manufactures offer rebates when you send back your cartridges to them. In fact there are various organizations that even offer products like envelopes, postage paid and other such items when you send your used cartridge back to the manufacturer. Not only envelopes and postages are provided as an exchange but discounts like 5 to 10 percent off on your next purchase is allow offered. 
  3. Donate to a Non-Profit Organization or Charity Check your nearby areas and non-profit organizations who accept ink cartridges as charity as they themselves hook up with the manufacturers and hand them over in exchange of cash. However, before going through this option, it is recommended to go through the policies of the non- profit organization you are going at. 
  4. Set up a Neighborhood Recycling Program In addition to all the above mentioned ideas, this may be a different initiate that you can opt for. One can set up a neighborhood recycling program which will allow you to gather a larger number of ink cartridges and dispose all of them together at once which will save time for everyone. The people in this program can decide for themselves how they would like to dispose of the cartridges.   
  5. Appropriate trash Container If you do not wish to follow the above steps and want to simply discard your ink cartridge, ensure that you are not disposing off the cartridge directly in the normal trash bins but green recycle trash box. If you are at school, college or your workplace, you will easily find a facility that allows you to drop off your used ink cartridges.  

Whatever method you use from the above or any other option, it is highly suggested to go for something that is environmentally safe.  printer_toner